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A place for my opinions, thoughts and all the stories of jazz that I have read, heard and also lived.
At the same time, through jazz I am also talking about life, because like the great tenor saxophone legend Sonny Rollins said in one of his interviews with the Jazz Video Guy: “I am no more optimistic about jazz than I am about life, because LIFE IS JAZZ.”

I have gradually stopped blogging in English and now I mostly write in my native language, but there still might be something to surprise you!

The Cake is Comin’ – New single and music video

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The Cake is Comin’ – New single and music video

Check out my tune called The Cake Is Comin’ – first single and music video, which will appear on my debut CD released this fall, titled Martin Uherek – Walkin’ My Own Way!

Line up:
Martin Uherek – saxophone
Peter Korman – double bass
Pavol Blaho – drums

Bud Powell’s Indiana

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I have wanted to know for a long time, what Bud plays in his solo on Indiana. It sounds amazing, but still very simple at the same time. So I finally got into transcribing this solo and here it is! I left out the first and last theme, and the solo is all there! I […]

What is jazz? (my opinion)

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Lately I have been noticing more and more bands that label their music as jazz-ish, or they at least use the word in definition of their style. I cannot say that I approve this, as I don’t feel (about many of these bands) that there is really any jazz in their playing. This made me […]

Bud Powell’s Celia for tenor sax!

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I transcribed Bud Powell’s Celia for tenor, being inspired by the band that consisted of Rollins, Navarro, Powell, Potter and Blakey, in order to allow me to play it on tenor. And interestingly, the range that Bud Powell uses both in the head and in the solo completely fits the tenor range, so feel free […]