About me

Martin Uherek

Saxophonist, born on September 22, 1987, was in contact with music since the earliest age, through a church choir led by his father. He soon showed a lot of interest in music, having a good time playing around with different instruments. At 12, he focused onto clarinet and after finishing high school switched to saxophone. A change in his musical life came in 2004…

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Walkin’ My Own Way – debut CD

I recently recorded my first album full of original compositions! The title is Walkin’ My Own Way and it presents my personal statement – it is about the path that I am on, things that I’ve experienced as a musician and also about the direction that I decided to pursue, thanks to everyone that influenced me on my musical journey.

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Words about jazz

A place for my opinions, thoughts and all the stories of jazz that I have read, heard and also lived.
At the same time, through jazz I am also talking about life, because like the great tenor saxophone legend Sonny Rollins said in one of his interviews with the Jazz Video Guy: “I am no more optimistic about jazz than I am about life, because LIFE IS JAZZ.”

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