Following are jazz transcriptions of jazz musicians’ solos, which I have personally written down, played, practiced, checked for errors and corrected by me. I guarantee they are 99,9% correct!

You can look through the previews and solos transcriptions for free, as well as download them and use them for study purposes. If you like what you’re seeing and hearing, please support me by clicking the donate button found in each individual transcription. All help is appreciated!

Sonny Rollins

Transcriptions of jazz tenor saxophone player Sonny Rollins, they include mostly his solos/recordings for the Prestige label during the 1950’s, but also many others – currently there is more than 70 transcriptions!




Coleman Hawkins

The father of the tenor saxophone Coleman Hawkins played on hundreds of recordings and my transcriptions of him are focused mostly on the 1940’s – his most fruitful period.




Charlie Parker

I have been a huge Charlie Parker fan since the moment I started playing the saxophone. Finally I decided to start adding my “Bird” transcriptions here, there will be many more to come!




Dexter Gordon

dexter gordonTranscriptions of outstanding jazz tenor saxophone player Dexter Gordon, who played many beautiful melodic solos during his life. Many of those solos you can find transcribed here as well.


Joshua Redman

joshua redmanMy latest additions include some solos by Joshua Redman – he is currently one of the best tenor players around and pretty much each of his solos is a masterpiece and a lesson in itself.




Bob Berg

bob bergThere are some great solos by one of the most intense tenor saxophonists of the post-Coltrane era, Bob Berg. His life was cut short in a terrible car accident at the age of 51, when he was driving close to his home with his wife, near New York City. Berg being one of the modern guys, you can find many of modern techniques in his playing, which make it fresh, thrilling and a great study material. Dive into it!




Clifford Brown

One of the most important trumpet players that has ever lived, Clifford Brown died only 25 years old in a car accident. Had he lived longer, he would have changed the whole course of jazz- which he did anyway even in the short period of 5 years during which he recorded. I have transcribed two of his solos – studio version of Daahoud and its live counterpart.