Walkin’ My Own Way – debut CD

I recently recorded my first album full of original compositions! The title is Walkin’ My Own Way and it presents my personal statement – it is about the path that I am on, things that I’ve experienced as a musician and also about the direction that I decided to pursue, thanks to everyone that influenced me on my musical journey.


Walkin' My Own Way Martin Uherek

Stories of Jazz

STORIES of JAZZ is the newest project and aims to promote jazz music and its beauty to the wide lay audience. Not only it brings jazz music played by top musicians, but also tells stories about jazz musicians, history, as well as explaining what is happening on the stage, thus “answering the many questions that the lay audience may have but is afraid to ask.”


Pribehy jazzu Martin Uherek

Stories of Jazz – The legendary jam sessions

“The legendary jam sessions” is the newest concept connected with project Stories of Jazz, which on top of jazz music and storytelling brings one more element – enabling the audience to experience the atmosphere of an old midnight jam session, similar to those legendary sessions that were often organized in New York during the 1930’s and 1940’s.


Pribehy jazzu o davnych jam sessions small

Martin Uherek Quartet – Remembering Monk

Musical project dedicated to the genius of piano and harmony was created in spring 2013 and focuses on presentation of music of Thelonious Monk, one of the biggest jazz composers and inovators in general. Martin Uherek Quartet presented this program on the main stage of the biggest jazz festival in Slovakia – Bratislava Jazz Days 2013.


MUQ Remembering Monk

Martin Uherek Quartet – Remembering Bud

This project of the quartet, created in the spirit of bebop, was created in fall of 2012, as part of birthday celebration of legendary bebop pianist Bud Powell (Sept 27, 1924 – July 31, 1966) bears the name “Martin Uherek Quartet – Remembering Bud”. The quartet focuses on traditional interpetation of Powell’s music, but at the same time bringing in original language of each of the quartet members, which gives the music its contemporary feel.


MUQ Remembering Bud

Martin Uherek Quartet

Jazz formation Martin Uherek Quartet was founded at the beginning of 2008, as a group of young, promising musicians, gathering around top Slovak jazz pianist and teacher Klaudius Kováč. The original quartet consisted of following musicians: saxophone – Martin Uherek, guitar – Peter Palaj, double-bass – Róbert Ragan Jr., drums – Pavol Blaho…



Martin Uherek Trio

This project brings back to life music similar in style to collaboration of tenor saxophonist Ben Webster and pianist Oscar Peterson, as well as tenor saxophonist Coleman Hawkins with pianist Teddy Wilson. Members of the trio present the language of traditional jazz and swing rhythm, recreating the long lost atmosphere of 1930’s and 1940’s, as if those long gone jazzmen came back to life and were jamming somewhere deep in the night of swing New York City…


Trio low quality