Stories of Jazz

Stories of Jazz - Martin Uherek



“This unique, non-traditional project, has the ambition not only to play great quality jazz music, but also to tell stories about jazz, life of jazz musicians and the origins and history of the songs they play. The project helps to raise awareness about jazz, and connects with the lay audience, relating to them more than just on a purely musical level.”

-Peter Hladký for Slovak jazz portal,



The project “STORIES of JAZZ” aims to promote jazz music and its beauty to the wide lay audience. Not only it brings jazz music, played by top slovak musicians, but the leader Martin Uherek also tells stories about jazz musicians, history, as well as explaining what is happening on the stage, thus “answering the many questions that the lay audience may have but is afraid to ask.”

The project is mostly performed by Jazz Pianoless Trio, with its leader, saxophonist Martin Uherek. It presents a unique, seldomly used concept of playing, which became famous in the 1950’s by saxophonist Sonny Rollins.

It combines the instruments
saxophone – Martin Uherek,
doublebass – Peter Korman/Róbert Ragan Jr.
drums – Samuel Juráš/Pavol Blaho

which allows the musicians to explore the harmonic freedom, created by NOT using a harmonic instrument (such as guitar or piano), finding new ways of musical expression.

This project already exists in one additional concept, called Stories of Jazz – The legendary jam sessions, which on top of jazz music and storytelling brings one more element – enabling the audience to experience the atmosphere of an old midnight jam session, similar to those legendary sessions that were often organized in New York during the 1930’s and 1940’s.