The legendary jam sessions

Pribehy jazzu o davnych jam sessions


“Experience for yourself the atmosphere of a midnight New York jam session!”

“The legendary jam sessions” is the newest concept connected with project Stories of Jazz, which on top of jazz music and storytelling brings one more element – enabling the audience to experience the atmosphere of an old midnight jam session, similar to those legendary sessions that were often organized in New York during the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Each night after finishing their paid gigs, jazz musicians got together in some old “after hours” club, where they went on jamming and playing for each other, the kind of music that they really felt and wanted to. This is how jazz was evolving.

With this project, we are trying to recreate the atmosphere of these informal after-hours jam sessions and let the audience see, hear and feel the atmosphere, when musicians play for each other uninterrupted, reacting to each other and creating music from their hearts, on the spot!

Martin Uherek – saxophones
Klaudius Kováč – piano

You can watch a little video about this project “The legendary jam sessions” here (it is in Slovak language):