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Ben Webster – Where Are You

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Ben Webster recorded his version in 1957 with Peterson’s Quartet (with Herb Ellis, Ray Brown and Stan Levey), in a challenging key of E (F# for tenor). Despite this, he flows through the song with absolute mastery, emphasizing the original melody in both of his choruses, finally modulating half step up in the last A of the 2nd chorus,to finish the song in concert F, with a simple, but the more emotional cadenza.   In this simple song, Ben Webster manages to create a highly emotional atmosphere of lament – you can hear him crying, „Where Are You“…   This song can be found on Soulville (October 15, 1957), recorded on Verve label. It is one of the songs that you never get tired or listening to…   Lyrics: Where are...

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Jazz – whole life or lifestyle?

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From some of my friends, I have found 2 different approaches to being a „jazz man“.   First one was the good old „jazz is everything“, which proposed that a true jazz man lives what he plays, jazz is the main purpose of his life and he subordinates everything else in his life in order to fully „live jazz“. The other approach was that jazz is only a lifestyle, when you don’t really „live jazz“, you just take it as a part of your life, but other things are equally important, be it family, sports… anything.     I wonder how it really should be. Bird said „If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn“, and especially in the earlier years, the musicians really...

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Sonny Rollins – The Stopper

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Today I was wondering about how guys like Sonny Rollins managed to become such outstanding musicians at such a young age. He’d barely turned 23, when he recorded The Stopper, which shows great technique, and at the same time nice, advanced harmonic-melodic thinking on just a few changes. The continuity, with which he composes the lines, is in my opinion pretty remarkable for his age.   I don’t think there were a lot of cats that could play like Sonny „Newk“ Rollins in their early 20’s. Sure, there was Bird, Dizzy, Fats, Brownie, Bud Powell, and some others, maybe one or two for each instruments… But hearing Newk’s records with Bud Powell when he was not even 19 years old, it makes me wonder… what a great...

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