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Warsztaty Jazzowe v Polskim Lesznie – Jazz workshops in Leszno, Poland

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Letter hand written in Banska Bystrica, dated the 25th of July 2010: On the night of July 17, 2010, the bebop tank arrived to Leszno, Poland. Ben, Bud, Truth&Way, Mici, Caligula, Otsar, Clark and Mrs. Singer – They were ready to face whatever there was waiting for them, willing to proclaim the Truth with all their strength, until the last moment. They were only 8 and were in a foreign land. But they knew their destiny… Thus started the 6 day long jazz workshop in Leszno. It was full of battles, vodka, beer, both good and bad music, laughter, screaming, only few hours of sleep, but most of all – JAZZ… And this is how it went.   Saturday, Day 1 (July 17): Not photographically documented, the bebop tank arrived at 9pm and after...

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Jazz tradition

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It got me thinking again…   Jazz tradition – Is it music that is still 100% alive, or does it serve only as a study material now? What is there to add to the jazz tradition (swing, bop etc), that has not yet been played or created? The great masters have played this music and kept creating new and new melodies, chord structures, licks, rhythmic devices, all of it, but has there been a point, where this style(s) became saturated? Are the stories not true, that even the greats, in their late years, started to lack the innovativeness, started to repeat themselves?   Sure, there have been people like Miles, Trane, Sonny etc, who kept finding and changing their style to always a new branch of jazz, that has been just created, but that meant that...

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