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My interview with Joshua Redman

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My interview with Joshua Redman

For all who read my blog, here is a first transcript of my interview with Joshua Redman, done for the jazz web portal!     Enjoy!     Banská Bystrica Slovakia – Antwerpen Belgium 17.10.2013 MU: There’s no doubt, that jazz has always been in your family history, with your grand uncle being an arranger and your father being a great saxophonist himself, so I can see where you got your career path from, but I would like to know – was there one big moment in your life, when you decided, that yeah, playing jazz is the thing for me. JR: Yeah, well, first of all, I should say that although people think that there is probably a relationship between Don Redman and my father and hence me, as far as I know, there is no proven...

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