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Warsztaty Jazzowe v Polskim Lesznie – Jazz workshops in Leszno, Poland

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Letter hand written in Banska Bystrica, dated the 25th of July 2010: On the night of July 17, 2010, the bebop tank arrived to Leszno, Poland. Ben, Bud, Truth&Way, Mici, Caligula, Otsar, Clark and Mrs. Singer – They were ready to face whatever there was waiting for them, willing to proclaim the Truth with all their strength, until the last moment. They were only 8 and were in a foreign land. But they knew their destiny… Thus started the 6 day long jazz workshop in Leszno. It was full of battles, vodka, beer, both good and bad music, laughter, screaming, only few hours of sleep, but most of all – JAZZ… And this is how it went.   Saturday, Day 1 (July 17): Not photographically documented, the bebop tank arrived at 9pm and after...

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