Martin Uherek
Jazz Saxophonist
Renowned for his melodic and sophisticated playing, Martin Uherek is a respected figure in the jazz scene. As an arranger, he breathes new life into music, and as an educator, he shares his knowledge with the next generation of jazz musicians.
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Meet Martin Uherek
Martin Uherek is a renowned Slovak jazz saxophonist, composer, and educator. Known for his sophisticated, melodic playing, Martin captivates audiences with his deep emotional expression and logical musical narratives.
His arrangements have been recorded and performed by prominent ensembles such as the Lukáš Oravec Orchestra and the Gustav Brom Orchestra, and his original works for sax quintet have been recorded by Deux Sax Machina.
An inspiring educator, Martin teaches at the conservatory in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, nurturing the next generation of jazz musicians through his masterclasses and workshops.

Immerse yourself in Martin Uherek's musical offerings, showcasing his sophisticated, melodic playing and innovative approach to jazz composition. Experience intricate melodies and dynamic rhythms that reflect his deep and logical musical thought process. Explore his discography to journey through his captivating albums.
Explore Martin Uherek's creative process and artistic vision through his Instagram, featuring educational videos, reels, and transcriptions of jazz solos. Uncover new jazz phrases, licks, and patterns to inspire your improvisation. Stay connected with his journey and gain insights through engaging and educational content.
Experience the profound depth and emotional resonance of Martin Uherek's live performances. Whether in intimate jazz clubs or grand concert halls, his captivating stage presence and sophisticated, melodic playing will leave you in awe, fully immersed in the power and thoughtfulness of his music.
Upcoming Events
Join Martin Uherek at his upcoming performances and events. Explore the full list for more details.
25.7.2024 - .klub pod lampou, Bratislava - Matúš Jakabčic CZ-SK Big Band
26.7.2024 - MJF, Liptovský Mikuláš - Matúš Jakabčic CZ-SK Big Band
4.-9.8.2024 - Medzinárodná jazzová dielňa Doda Šošoku, Piešťany
16.8.2024 - Žilina - Matúš Jakabčic CZ-SK Big Band


Walkin' My Own Way (2015)
Delve into Martin Uherek’s debut album “Walkin’ My Own Way,” released in 2015. This album captures the essence of his early artistry, laying the groundwork for his distinctive approach to jazz composition and performance.

Príbehy jazzu (2016)
Released in 2016, “Príbehy jazzu” is the first in a series of albums combining quality jazz music with insightful storytelling. This album provides a brief cross-section of jazz history, from the early 20th century to the present. By blending music and narrative, Martin brings the secrets of jazz closer to listeners, offering a unique educational and auditory experience that highlights his dedication to the art form and its rich history.

Príbehy jazzu vol. 2 (2018)
“Príbehy jazzu vol. 2 - Ako vznikal jazz,” released in 2018, focuses on the origins and rise of jazz in the 1930s and the bebop experiments of the 1940s. Through a mix of performances and storytelling, this album delves into the early days of jazz, showcasing Martin’s ability to convey the genre’s evolution and the innovative spirit of its pioneers.

Peter Korman - Root System (2019)
On “Root System,” Martin Uherek contributes his sophisticated saxophone playing to Peter Korman’s intricate compositions. His melodic lines and thoughtful improvisations add depth and nuance to the album, enhancing its rich, textured soundscape. This collaboration showcases Martin’s ability to seamlessly integrate into diverse musical contexts, adding his unique voice to the ensemble.

Peter Palaj - News For Peter (2019)
“News For Peter” features Martin Uherek as a sideman, where his saxophone performance adds a layer of complexity and sophistication to Peter Palaj’s compositions. Martin’s contributions to this album reflect his melodic sensibility and his capacity to elevate the music with his deep, logical approach to jazz improvisation.

Príbehy jazzu vol. 3 (2021)
The third volume, “Príbehy jazzu vol. 3 - Začiatky moderného jazzu,” was released in 2021 and explores the dynamic developments of the 1950s and early 1960s. This album continues Martin’s tradition of combining jazz performances with engaging narratives, offering insights into the new concepts and artistic revolutions that defined this vibrant period in jazz history.

Matúš Jakabčic CZ/SK bigband - Room #555 (2022)
In “Room #555,” Martin Uherek’s involvement with the Matúš Jakabčic CZ/SK Big Band highlights his versatility and skill as a saxophonist. His performance on this album underscores his ability to contribute to large ensemble settings, bringing his refined, thoughtful playing to the forefront of the big band’s dynamic arrangements.

Deus Sax Machina - Hommage to Arnošt Coufal (2023)
“Hommage to Arnošt Coufal” by Deus Sax Machina features Martin Uherek, whose contributions to this album demonstrate his prowess as a composer and performer. His pieces for sax quintet are a highlight, showcasing his sophisticated, melodic compositions and his ability to craft intricate musical narratives. This album is a testament to Martin’s talent and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of jazz music.
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