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Martin Uherek’s passion for jazz music ignited at a young age, evolving into a distinguished career as a professional saxophonist. Highly regarded in Slovakia and Europe, Martin captivates audiences with his sophisticated, melodic playing that is deeply thought out and logical. His performances are known for their depth and emotional expression, creating a unique and engaging musical experience.
Beyond his prowess as a performer, Martin is a gifted composer and arranger. His works have been recorded by esteemed ensembles such as the Lukáš Oravec Orchestra and the Gustav Brom Orchestra, showcasing his ability to seamlessly merge traditional jazz elements with contemporary nuances. Martin also writes original music and has composed pieces for sax quintet, recorded by the ensemble Deux Sax Machina. His adeptness in reimagining and arranging other musicians’ works has earned him recognition, further solidifying his place in the jazz community.
Dedicated to the future of jazz, Martin is a respected educator at the conservatory in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. Through his teaching, he inspires and mentors the next generation of jazz musicians, sharing his extensive knowledge and passion for the art form. His masterclasses and workshops are a testament to his commitment to nurturing young talent and ensuring the vibrant evolution of jazz.
Martin’s contributions to jazz, both on stage and in the classroom, reflect his deep dedication to the genre and his desire to preserve and advance its rich legacy. Join Martin on his journey and experience the captivating world of jazz through his performances and educational endeavors.

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